May 19, 2024

Recap of the Community Meeting

We are thrilled to share the highlights from our successful community meeting last night. With about 30 enthusiastic participants, fantastic questions were raised and it was great to feel an overwhelming support for the Climbing Commons project. Here’s a brief recap of what we covered:

Project Vision and Updates

  • We shared the overall vision for the Climbing Commons, including the pilot project, council involvement, and the development of outdoor boulders.
  • The results from our recent survey were discussed, showing strong community interest and support.
  • We detailed the concept of the commons and our plans moving forward.

Call to Action

To make our vision a reality, we need your support! Please consider pledging and spreading the word to those who might be interested. We have listened to your comments and made it as easy as possible to pledge:

Here are some printable/sharable images that were requested by the community. Many thanks for your help in spreading the news!!

A4 poster here.

A6 handouts here.

Types of Pledges

Again, based on feedback, we’ve enabled more types of pledges to accommodate everyone’s level of interest:

  • Option for pledging more than the stated amount for those willing to support us upfront. Just add more at the payment stage and we'll keep track on our end.
  • Option for philanthropic donations for those who see the long-term value in our project.

Feedback and Next Steps

  • There is a strong desire to see this project succeed, and if the Merretts location falls through, the preference was that we retain funds for a future site (although we will refund anyone that wants that, of course)
  • Create ways to share specific needs/skilled volunteers.
  • Questions about accommodating kids and partners were asked, and we plan to include these in the mid term.
  • There was an emphasis around the need to develop our social media presence. Emails alone are not enough, and shareable content with strong calls to action will be more effective.

Next Steps

Building more engagement and pledges.

We have attached a link below of downloadable A4 printouts, sharable links and texts that you can copy and paste. Please share amongst your network.

We appreciate your support and look forward to your continued involvement in making the Climbing Commons a reality.

Warm regards,

Climbing Commons Team

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